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Design Magpie is owned and operated by Kym Ramadge Design Pty Ltd [KRD].
KRD is a successful graphic design and multimedia communications studio, established in Melbourne, Australia during 1995.

Over the years you have asked us how you could purchase items that we have designed as gifts for family and friends. This has included books, cards, wrapping paper and tshirts.

Design Magpie is to cater to this and to showcase work that is wholly designed and printed in Australia. It’s a place to initiate, create and develop work to share with you. Design Magpie is where you can find a unique gift for your family, friends and colleagues.

As graphic designers we are inspired constantly by the world around us. We will show you highlights of our exploration as we go along so you can enjoy the visual themes.

Why Design Magpie?

Collectors are sometimes called ‘magpies’. Australian Magpies have distinctive feathers and fill our suburbs and the bush with their beautiful song.

Design Magpie is an outlet for things we want to share with you, so we combined our Australian feathered favourite and collecting.

Like magpies, we love collecting beautifully designed and produced objects, and we hope you will too.

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