Design Magpie Past-present

From 2009 to present

October 4, 2018

You may notice in our logo we have been established since 2009 yet our content is all recent.

Many things have changed since Design Magpie’s inception. Originally started as a retail outlet for books that had been designed at KRD, we had great plans for creating a whole range of beautifully designed items. This hasn’t changed. The difference now is our ability to deliver high-quality items with limited print runs. On-demand digital printing was in its infancy back in 2009, it could be done, but the quality wasn’t there. Digital print was obviously digital print. This has transformed dramatically.

The quality produced with new digital presses is now almost indistinguishable from offset print. And the range of specialty finishes–metallic inks, spot varnish or colours, are now created with ease.

We no longer need large print runs of items, which means we don’t need storage space or inventory management. We can bring new designs to market with speed and quality, without large investment. It keeps a small side project lean and efficient, and frankly, viable.

We list our items as printed on demand, and with an average print turnaround time of 1-2 business days (depending on time order is placed) items can be despatched and in the mail to customers with upmost speed.

Our print partners are specialists, who have invested in technology and innovation. They are committed to be socially and environmentally responsible.

We look forward to offering a greater variety of paper stocks and specialty finishes as our range grows.